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Home Care Jobs in Raleigh, North Carolina with Affordable Family Care

We love our caregivers and we are always looking to hire more. Our home care agency sets itself apart by offering superior support and communication! 

We are hiring North Carolina CNAs and PCAs -Full-Time and Part-Time.

About Working With Us

We look for people who are dependable, compassionate, loving, very flexible & skilled.

Communication is the key to keeping our caregivers and our clients happy. Our office works very hard to have a supportive work environment for all the caregivers that work with us.

  • We communicate very closely with all caregivers.
  • We ask for regular updates about how things are going with their clients.
  • We are regularly checking in with everyone.
  • The more we understand each other, the easier it is to get a good client caregiver match!
  • Our goal is for our caregivers to be thrilled with the place that they work as well as for us to provide excellent care for the clients that we work with.


Schedules and Locations:

  • Schedules are flexible.
  • We try to keep caregiver/client locations convenient to each other.


Pay Rates:

  • Extremely competitive for the local area.


Continuing Education:

  • We provide monthly continuing education classes for all caregivers.
  • Case specific training is also provided for clients who have different needs.


To work with us, you must have/provide:

  • Access to reliable transportation to and from work.
  • Your vehicle must be insured.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • You will need a current TB.
  • Your CNA certificates or PCA qualifications.
  • You must pass a Background & Drug check & be E-Verify employable.
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