Personal Care at Home – Understanding Glaucoma in Seniors

personal care at home

Seniors deal with many issues as they age, including those associated with vision. Any vision changes can be scary and threaten seniors’ ability to live independently. When this happens, loved ones can discuss the issues and concerns with seniors to create a support health and wellness plan. That plan may include personal care at home […]

In-Home Care Encourages Physical Activity to Benefit Senior Mental Health

Physical Activity and Mental Health: In-Home Care Raleigh NC

Most people know that physical exercise benefits one’s physical health. Still, few people realize that it is also essential to maintaining excellent mental health. Unfortunately, some seniors might not have the motivation to engage in consistent physical activity to improve their mental health. Thankfully, in-home care aids can help seniors with this. Understanding How Exercise […]

Senior Challenges of Low Vision

Low Vision: Home Care Assistance Raleigh NC

Having low vision can be extremely challenging for seniors. It’s important to know how to help them address what they can do about it.