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Tips on Eating While Battling Cancer

Companion care at home can help them prepare meals and ensure all meat is cooked to the proper temperature before a senior consumes anything.
Companion Care at Home in Morrisville NC

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen and your senior loved one may develop cancer. If this happens they may start going through treatment and it can be hard to eat and maintain strength during this treatment. Food is going to be so important while battling cancer but it’s also something that not everyone wants to think about when going through this. Here are some tips on eating or encouraging your loved one to eat while they are going through cancer treatments.

Pay Attention and Be Careful

Keep in mind that a senior who is going through cancer treatments can get sick much easier from food than they normally would. This means things like meat need to be fully cooked and they may need to stay away from soft cheese. Companion care at home can help them prepare meals and ensure all meat is cooked to the proper temperature before a senior consumes anything. This will help a senior keep their strength by eating nutritious foods that will not cause them any harm.

Eat Smaller but Nutritious

During chemotherapy, it is easy to lose your appetite or become super nauseous. Companion care at home can help encourage healthy snacks that are high in protein and filled with fiber and other minerals that a senior’s body needs to stay energized and strong. Snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables can be a lot easier than eating a massive salad for dinner but it can lead to the same health benefits. Smaller meals can also be easier to digest which is something to think about when a senior has cancer.

Boost Water Intake

Chemo might cause nausea or make a senior feel dehydrated. They need to focus on water consumption and it will help them feel stronger. Companion care at home can help figure out how much water a senior is drinking and encourage them to drink more if necessary. They are caretakers who can ensure a water cup is always near your loved one so it is within easy reach.

Opt for High Protein

When you can you should encourage high protein snacking. This may be something like hard-boiled eggs, tuna wraps, or kale salads. These are all packed with nutritious minerals, high protein, and low calories. They will help a senior feel full without feeling icky at the end of the snack. If your loved one can eat a full meal, try grilled chicken, or turkey for dinner! Turkey or chicken tortilla soup can be made high protein and delectable for many seniors, even those who are battling cancer.

Limit Processed Foods

One of the best things you can do when battling cancer is to limit processed foods and eat fresher foods. Your loved one needs to limit extra chemicals going into their bodies and focus on finding things that will nourish and support them. This will help them feel energized and gain nutrients that their bodies will be craving during chemo. Companion care at home can help a senior by grocery shopping for them or helping them order food throughout the week for the best menus.

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