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Elderly Care in Burlington NC: Confusion with Time and Place

Can Confusion with Time or Place Ever Be Normal?

Elderly Care in Burlington NC: Memory loss can be a frightening, inconvenient, and even embarrassing situation. It can also happen to a wide variety of people, for a wide variety of reasons. As a family caregiver, you may worry every time your senior has what seems to be a cognitive struggle, such as memory loss, or difficulty remembering how to do something.

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Senior Care in Raleigh NC: Vision Loss

Help! My Aging Parent Suffers from Vision Loss

Senior Care in Raleigh NC: Vision loss can bring on serious changes in an elderly person’s life, especially if they have been living independently in their own home. August is National Eye Exam Month, which shines a spotlight on the importance of regular eye exams for all ages.

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Caregiver in Cary NC: Benefits of Going to the Park

Seniors Benefit from Frequent Outings to Parks

Caregiver in Cary NC: Just because an elderly person is experiencing physical decline doesn’t mean they want to stay at home all the time. Community parks are designed to facilitate people’s interactions with each other and with nature.

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