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When a senior is ready for discharge from a hospital after having surgery, it’s time to get organized for a better, safer return to home.

Returning home after having surgery, can result in unexpected challenges for many seniors. Finding themselves back at home after a hospital stay, many older adults struggle to manage their medications and make follow-up doctor’s appointments as well as obtain the physical assistance and in-home support they may require, at least on a temporary basis.

We Can Help!

Our nurses will work closely with the hospital or rehab discharge planners to:

  • Learn the specific limitations of the client.
  • Develop a plan of care for how we can best assist in the home.
  • Be in the home during any therapies like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy; so that our staff can be aware of all recommendations and activities for the client.
  • Help patients address the questions that arise during the discharge process and make a safe and smooth return home.

Our clients call us when they are discharging from the hospital or rehab following knee and hip replacements, after heart attack recovery, stroke recovery, pneumonia recovery, and much more.

Make sure you or your family caregiver talks to a discharge planner, someone at the hospital who helps plan a smooth transition home. There are a lot of details to work out and the sooner you start the better.

Here are some good questions to ask your hospital staff:

  • Will I need a hospital bed, shower chair, commode, oxygen supply or other equipment? If so, where do I get these items?
  • What supplies do I need? This may be diapers, disposable gloves, and skin care items. Where do I get these?
  • Will my insurance pay for the equipment and supplies?

Call and talk to our friendly staff. We can make your transition to home much safer and more comfortable.

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