Should You Ever Push Your Parents Into Hiring Caregivers?

Caregiver Durham, NC: Hiring Professional Caregivers
Caregiver Durham, NC: Hiring Professional Caregivers

No matter how much you talk about the benefits of professional caregivers, your mom and dad are adamantly against the idea. You’re certain it’s time for them to have help, but the more you urge them to reconsider, the harder they push against the idea. Is it ever okay to push them into having caregivers? 
Try to Make It Their Decision 
You want the decision to hire caregivers to be your mom and dad’s idea. If they come up with the idea, they’re less likely to be difficult. To do this, you need to show them the many ways the caregivers can help. This may require you to stop supporting them for a few days. 
Your mom and dad always call and ask you to cook dinner at their house when you’re done work. They can’t slice foods on their own due to pain in the joints of the wrists and fingers. It’s easier for them if you prepare meals. It’s also stressful for you. 
Try telling them you have to work late. Don’t let guilt overwhelm you. Say you’re working and cannot come during the workweek. See what happens. 
When your parents realize they can’t always depend on you Monday through Friday, they’ll be more willing to discuss the benefits of caregivers for meal preparation. At that point, discuss their options. 
Their Safety Has to Come First 
You want them to make the decisions, but you do have to put their safety first. If living on their own puts their safety at risk, caregivers are essential. 
Your dad has diabetes, but he struggles to choose healthier foods when he’s grocery shopping. He doesn’t read labels carefully and frequently comes home with soups and sauces containing fructose and other added sugars. He admits the fine print is too small for him to read. 
Your mom fell in the shower. Her blood pressure medications make her feel dizzy, and she takes her pills in the morning with breakfast. When she fell, she hit her head and needed stitches. You can’t have that happening again. 
She can’t stop taking her blood pressure medications. But, she can have someone there to support her when she steps out of the tub. 
Let Your Parents Ask Questions 
They may not enjoy the idea, but it’s important to talk to a home care agency to discuss prices and services. Start with a family meeting to talk about the help your parents need. Come up with a list of questions from other family members. 
When you make the call, let your parents ask questions and discuss their concerns. The number one reason older adults push back against hiring caregivers is often the fear of losing their independence. Let the agency show your parents how caregivers help them stay independent. 

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Donnie Shelton