Four Surprising Things That Increase the Fall Risk

Home Care Raleigh, NC: Fall Risk
Home Care Raleigh, NC: Fall Risk

What increases your parents’ fall risk? You can probably come up with a list of issues like poor lighting, clutter, and arthritis pain. Several things that increase the risk of a fall are surprising. Here are four issues as you age that increase the risk of a fall. 
As dementia progresses, brain deterioration makes mobility difficult. Depth perception is one of the most significant changes. You might notice your mom or dad starts shuffling their feet when walking. Stepping up on a curb or stair is challenging and can lead to a trip and fall. 
Another change that happens with dementia is that it becomes more difficult to view contrast. Shadows can become hazardous, so bright lighting is essential to lower the fall risk. 
Ill-Fitting Shoes 
When shoes don’t fit correctly, they can create issues with stability. Foot pain caused by stretched tendons and ligaments or blisters/sores impacts your gait. If the foot isn’t stable, it increases the risk of a fall. 
It helps to ensure your parents wear the correct size. Have their feet measured at the end of the day instead of first thing in the morning. That’s when feet are the most swollen from a day’s worth of walking around and standing. 
Incorrect Vision Prescriptions 
When was the last time an eye doctor examined your parents’ eyes? If they need glasses or rely on an old prescription, the risk of falling increases. Plus, regular eye exams help diagnose common eye diseases before they progress to partial or total blindness. 
Medication Side Effects 
Finally, the side effects of some common medications can lead to a fall. Your mom’s heart health relies on her medications, but they make her feel dizzy. She can’t stop taking her pills, so she needs to figure out how to handle the side effects. 
When prescription drugs increase the fall risk, it’s essential to talk to your parents’ doctors about alternatives with fewer side effects. If that’s not possible, make sure someone is with your mom and dad when they take their daily prescriptions. 
Take a look at the benefits of home care. A home care expert can perform safety checks and point out things that may increase your mom and dad’s fall risk. You may not realize all the factors, so it helps to have a professional assessment. 
Call a home care agency to learn more about fall risks. Have an advisor go over the steps you can take to prevent them and how caregivers can help keep your parents safe.

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Donnie Shelton