Home Care High Point, NC: Air Purifiers
Home Care High Point, NC: Air Purifiers

As flowers bloom, trees leaf out, and the grass grows, allergens increase. If seasonal allergies irritate your mom, you should consider buying an air purifier for her home. How do you choose the best air purifier for her needs? 
Calculate the Size of Her Room 
You need to know which room your mom is in the most. If she spends the bulk of her day in the family room, that’s the room she’ll want her air purifier in. Measure that room and make sure the air purifiers on your list can clean the room effectively. 
Check the CADR Ratings 
The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) gives you a rating on how fast an air purifier cleans a room. If you have a room that measures 200 cubic feet, an air purifier that has a CADR rating of 300 cubic feet per minute (cfm) will clean the room faster than one that is 200 cfm. 
Look at the Features 
Some features aren’t necessary. You may not care that your air purifier runs via an app you install on your phone. You do want a HEPA filter. It’s the best at reducing allergens within a room. You also should look for filters that are wiped clean rather than replaced. If you’re replacing filters each month, the operating costs are going to increase. 
While you’re reading about the features, see what allergens are removed. One model may excel at removing pet dander and dust, while another is better at cigarette smoke and food odors. You want an air purifier that’s removing the allergens that bother your mom. 
See If It’s an Energy Star Model 
Look to see if the air purifier is an energy star model. Running an air purifier 24/7 won’t drive up electricity rates as much if you pick an energy star air purifier. 
Price Replacement Filters 
Finally, see how often you have to replace the filters. If you can wipe the filter off, it will save money. If the model you prefer uses filters, price the cost of them. See how many filters you’ll need each year and see if the cost of the filters is worthwhile. 
Help your mom during allergy season by arranging home care. She needs someone to dust the home and sweep or mop hard floors and vacuum carpets frequently. Home care aides help with light housekeeping. Your mom has help removing the allergens that make her life miserable during allergy season. 

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Donnie Shelton