Tips for Fall-Proofing Homes

Homecare Raleigh, NC: Fall-Proofing Homes
Homecare Raleigh, NC: Fall-Proofing Homes

Did you know that about 6 of every 10 falls in the elderly happen when they are at home? This is where most senior citizens spend their time. They may not think about how they are going to move around when things are in the way or when the floors are wet. You and home care assistance providers may need to assist your elderly loved one with this. The good news is there are tips for fall-proofing homes for senior citizens. The best tips for doing this are mentioned below. 

Fall-Proofing Pathways, Hallways, and Stairways

The most common places that senior citizens fall in in the pathways, hallways, and stairways of their home. If you are worried about these areas in your elderly loved one’s home, there are some fall-proofing tips that can reduce the chances of them falling and getting hurt in these spots. Some of these tips include:

  • Put handrails on the sides of stairs (be sure they are on both sides)
  • Be sure the handrails are tightly fastened from time to time
  • If your elderly loved one insists on carrying something up and down the stairs, be sure they hold that with one hand and the handrail with their other hand
  • Don’t let anything they are carrying block their view from seeing up or down the stairs 
  • Be sure there is proper lighting in these areas and that light switches are easy to access (motion-sensor lighting in these areas is a great idea, too)
  • Be sure all carpets and rugs are secured in place, so they can’t be tripped over or slipped on

These are some of the best tips for fall-proofing the hallways, pathways, and stairways. Once you or a home care assistance provider works with your elderly loved one on these areas, you can move onto another area of their home for fall-proofing. 

Dealing with the Powder Rooms and Bathrooms

Two other areas of your elderly loved one’s home that you should fall-proof are the powder rooms and bathrooms. Some of the best fall-proofing tips for these areas include:

  • Putting grab bars by the toilets and the shower or tub
  • Make sure there are carpets, strips, or non-slip mats on any area that is likely to get wet such as just outside the bathtub 
  • Have nightlights, so your elderly loved one can easily see in their bathroom or powder rooms at any time

If you can ensure these areas are set up properly, it can greatly reduce the risk of your elderly loved one falling inside their home. 


Do you worry that your elderly loved one is going to fall while they are home? Maybe, you worry about this even when you or a home care assistance provider are there caring for them. If this is the case, hopefully, all the home fall-proofing tips noted above can help to reduce their risk of falling. These tips should also help your elderly loved one feel safer which should improve their balance, too. 

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