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Elderly Care Helped Lucille Connect with Family

Lucille was legally blind and hard of hearing.
Elderly Care Morrisville, NC: Elderly Care and Making Connections
Elderly Care Morrisville, NC: Elderly Care and Making Connections

Lucille was legally blind and hard of hearing. She tried to keep a positive outlook, but she had to admit that the isolation was taking its toll. She missed her family, and the days felt long and lonely in her little apartment. She had always been close with her granddaughter, Esmerelda, who had moved away to college not long before.  

Over a long weekend back home, Esmerelda shared an idea. “Gram, I miss talking with you. And it’s hard to talk over the phone because of your hearing. Would it be okay if I set up a place where we could video-chat every week? My Communication in Aging professor said that video chat can be helpful for seniors with hearing loss because they can see the body language.” 

Lucille looked at Esmerelda and laughed heartily. “I love that you want to do that, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. I wouldn’t know the first thing about it.”  

“Well, then, I’ll show you, if it’s okay,” Esmerelda replied, smiling. 

Lucille assured her that it was quite alright, and Esmerelda set about her task. She bought a large, clear monitor so Lucille could see it well despite her fading vision. She paid attention to getting clear, crisp audio and a simple interface. When it was all set up, Esmerelda showed Lucille how to use it.  

Unfortunately, Lucille was lost. She tried to understand Esmerelda’s instructions, but between her vision trouble and unfamiliarity using technology, even the relatively simple instructions left her feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Esmerelda and Lucille were both disappointed. They sat in silence for a while at the kitchen table, pondering the situation.  

Soon came a knock at the door. Lucille looked up in surprise. “Oh, is it 2:00 already? My elderly care aide is here.” She got up to open the door for a friendly-looking young woman in scrubs. “Hi, Misty,” she greeted her warmly. “This is my granddaughter, Esmerelda. Honey, this is Misty, my elderly care aide.” 

“Hi, Esmerelda,” greeted Misty with a smile. “Your granddaughter has told me a lot about you! It’s nice to finally meet you!” 

Esmerelda looked quizzically from her grandmother to Misty and back again.  

Lucille spoke up. “Misty comes each Saturday afternoon. She changes my sheets, does my laundry, and helps out with a few things around the house. She’s just a gem. I love talking with her. I would just go crazy without her company!”  

A slow smile spread across Esmerelda’s face as an idea dawned on her. “That’s fantastic, Gram! I’m happy to hear it… Say, would she be able to get you set up with a video call on Saturday afternoons before leaving?” 

Lucille considered the suggestion with interest, looking at Misty for clarification.  

“Sure, I’d love to!” Misty replied happily. “We’d just have to add it to your service plan, but that’s super easy. We’ll just call the agency and they’ll add it in, no problem.” 

The three women stood smiling at each other for a few moments, then Misty asked, “Can you show me what I would need to do?” 

“You bet!” replied Esmerelda, and proceeded to show her the set up.  

Lucille was beaming. She was so happy to be able to connect with her granddaughter again. “Thank you so much, girls!” she repeated several times. “Thank you so, so much!” 

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