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Having air conditioning is a necessity in most parts of the country during the summer. Seniors who are living independently need air conditioning to avoid heat-related illnesses and stay comfortable all summer. However, air conditioning, especially central air conditioning, can make indoor air very dry.

Dry air can cause a lot of health problems for seniors. Seniors are already more prone to respiratory illnesses. So living in a home with very dry air can cause seniors to have asthma attacks, coughing fits, dry mouth and throat, and other health problems. It’s important that seniors who spend most of their time indoors take steps to put some moisture back into the indoor air.

Some easy ways that seniors can avoid the health problems that stem from dry air this summer include:

Running A Humidifier

The most efficient way to humidify the air is to run a cool mist humidifier. Humidifiers need to be cleaned at least weekly. Seniors may need a home care provider to fill the humidifier daily and to clean it once a week. It’s important to put fresh water in the humidifier daily and to clean it often so that it doesn’t grow bacteria. Using distilled water to fill the humidifier is often recommended too, especially if the local tap water has large amounts of minerals in it.

Hanging A Wet Towel

This method of humidifying the air will also probably require some home care. It’s an easy method but the wet towel is heavy. Submerge a bath towel in a tub of cool water. Wring it out just so that it’s not dripping. Hang it on a hanger or a hook near an air vent. As it dries it will release moisture into the room slowly. It’s a good idea to put another towel underneath it in case it drips a little. And make sure it’s out of the way so seniors don’t trip on it.

Leaving Out Vases Of Water

A fun way to add moisture to the air and beautify each room is to put a large vase full of water and some flowers on windowsills. The water will evaporate into the room and add moisture and the flowers will make the room look fun and cheerful. This is a very easy way to add moisture in the summer or in the winter. Flowers are lovely all year long.

Leave Water In The Bathtub

Don’t waste that bathwater. After seniors enjoy a cool summertime bath, leave the water in the tub. It will evaporate into the air and add moisture. Drain the tub after 24 hours and fill it with fresh water. Adding some herbs or tea bags to the water will add a nice smell to the air too. Seniors can also fill sinks with water and put in the stopper to add some moisture throughout other parts of the house. Just make sure pets aren’t drinking out of the tub or the sinks.

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