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Recovering From Food Poisoning With Personal Care At Home

Personal Care at Home

Did you know that seniors over the age of 65 are more likely than other age groups to get sick or even die from food poisoning? It’s true, according to the FDA. Seniors are more susceptible to food poisoning because:

  • A senior’s body’s immune response to disease grows weaker with age.
  • A senior’s gastrointestinal tract holds onto food for a longer period of time, allowing bacteria to grow.
  • A senior’s liver and kidneys may not properly rid the body of foreign bacteria and toxins.
  • A senior’s stomach may not produce enough acid. The acidity helps to reduce the number of bacteria in our intestinal tract.
  • Seniors are more likely to have underlying chronic conditions, such as diabetes and cancer, which can also increase a person’s risk of foodborne illness.


Food poisoning can come from several different sources. Seniors may contract food poisoning in situations like:

  • A poorly prepared restaurant meal
  • Leftovers not cooked thoroughly or left out too long
  • Eating produce that has already started to rot
  • Eating expired food


Seniors can become quite ill from food poisoning. Seniors may need personal care at home to help them take care of issues like diarrhea or vomiting which can be common with food poisoning. Personal care at home is something seniors should really have all the time to help them take care of their hygiene.

When seniors experience food poisoning, they should get seen by a doctor if their symptoms are severe. If the symptoms aren’t severe these home remedies may help:

Drink Electrolyte Drinks

When seniors have food poisoning they have a high risk of becoming dehydrated. Drinking electrolyte drinks like the ones created for children or sports drinks that don’t have any sugar can help seniors rehydrate and keep their electrolytes balanced. Seniors should be drinking lots of water too. Any type of water is fine for seniors. But, seniors should avoid drinks with sugar and caffeine in them while they are recovering from food poisoning. Stimulants like sugar or caffeine can make it harder for seniors to recover.

Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger is a potent herb that can help calm all kinds of digestive issues, including helping minimize symptoms of food poisoning. Ginger tea or ginger tea with lemon is a great remedy for food poisoning. Sip some warm but not too hot ginger tea for fast symptom relief.

Follow The BRAT Diet

The BRAT diet is often recommended for seniors anytime they are sick. It’s a very effective way for seniors to eat when they have experienced food poisoning or if they get sick. BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. All of those foods are bland enough to not cause further stomach upset but they are also nutritious. Yogurt can sometimes help seniors recover from food poisoning too. The probiotics in the yogurt can help rebalance the bacteria in the gut. Once the bacteria is balanced again seniors will start to feel better.

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