How to Help a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease Deal with Holiday Gatherings

Elder Care Cary, NC: Alzheimer's Disease
Elder Care Cary, NC: Alzheimer’s Disease

Holiday gatherings can be intimidating enough for anyone, but if your elderly family member has Alzheimer’s disease then holiday gatherings can be scary. This is true even if your senior wants to be there.

Try to Anticipate Situations that Might Create a Problem

With all the time that you spend with your senior, you may already know some situations that could create a problem for her. For instance, your senior may not interact with others in the same way that she used to and that can be confusing for other family members. Try to explain in advance what your senior experiences now and see if that helps to forestall some issues.

Use Redirection Whenever Possible

Redirection can be a very helpful tool when your senior is distracted or uncomfortable in a given situation. Changing the topic is one of the easiest ways to redirect your senior. This gives her something else to focus on besides whatever else might be going on.

Control Volumes, if You Can

Loud conversations can be distracting for your senior, but they can also make her feel uncomfortable. If you can ask people to reduce the volume a little bit, that can help. Lowering the volume on televisions and radios can help quite a bit, too. This can keep your senior from working too hard to distinguish bits and pieces of conversation.

Try to Watch for Signs that Your Senior Needs Something

During family gatherings, your elderly family member might or might not use the same indications that she needs something. You may find that you need to be a little bit more aware of subtle indications that she is thirsty or that she needs the bathroom. If she’s in an unfamiliar location, she may not know where the bathroom is, for instance, and this can complicate her reactions.

Bring Along Some Extra Help

You might want to consider bringing an elderly care provider with you to gatherings during the holidays. While you might be distracted by family and friends, they can remain with your senior and help her to enjoy her time at the party. You’ll both feel more secure knowing that someone is right there for your aging family member.

Remember that your senior may not be up for attending every single family gathering this holiday season. They can become overwhelming quickly and your elderly family member might enjoy seeing family members on a more individual basis.

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