Pair Home Care With Technology for Optimal Safety

Your mom lives alone in her home, and she will not hear of downsizing, even though that would make you more comfortable. You worry about her being alone in her home all day, every day. This is why many families take a closer look at pairing technology with the help they offer as family caregivers.

What Home Technology Helps as Your Mom Ages in Place?

Home Care Cary, NC: Technology and Safety

Home Care Cary, NC: Technology and Safety

There are many items you should consider adding to your mom’s home. Start with a smart speaker that offers video calling services and phone calls. Instead of having to remember your number, your mom can ask the speaker to call you and it does. You can also set smart speakers to offer medication reminders, appointment reminders, etc.

Another benefit to smart speakers is that they can play music. Your mom doesn’t have to figure out how to work the radio or stereo system. She just has to tell the speaker to play whatever artist she wants.

Video doorbells and cameras are also important. If someone comes to your mom’s door, you’ll get a notification on your app and can ask questions to see why the person is there. If it’s suspicious, you’re able to alert the police.

Smart light bulbs are ideal at night. If your mom needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, a vocal command turns on lights to her preferred brightness as she enters a hallway or room. She doesn’t have to turn them on all the way, she could use a nightlight setting.

There are also smart appliances available that can make it easier to keep track of grocery lists. A smart refrigerator can track the items you’re out of and help out while you’re shopping. A smart oven can turn on a meal at a set time. If you don’t want your mom cooking a meal when you’re not at home, you can turn off the appliance from your phone.

An air purifier helps clean your mom’s home of allergens and odors. There are smart models that will turn on at specific times of day, continually monitor the air, and turn fans higher when needed.

Have You Considered Home Care?

Professional caregivers are great partners to have on your side. When your mom needs help with housework, laundry, transportation, meals, companionship, personal care, organization, and many other daily activities, she has an aide nearby to help. 

Arrange home care aides to be there for your mom. With a caregiver helping out, your mom is safe, her home is clean and organized, and she has someone to socialize with. If she trips on a walk, she can have a caregiver with her on that walk to help keep her on her feet. She’s safe and retains her independence thanks to her home care aide.

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Donnie Shelton