Senior Care Winston-Salem, NC: Senior Care and Transforming Aging Seniors
Senior Care Winston-Salem, NC: Senior Care and Transforming Aging Seniors

Ronald thought the best of his life was behind him. He didn’t want to think that, but he did. After the heart attack, he assumed everything was going to change. His doctor talked about damage to his heart, physical therapy, avoiding certain foods, activities, and other things. 

At the doctor’s office, though, he wasn’t really in the frame of mind to listen. He couldn’t get his mind to stop focusing on the words “heart attack.” He certainly didn’t have any idea about senior care, the wonderful options they could provide, or what might still be possible for his life. 

Ronald took a while to discover life was still worth living. 

He didn’t want to die. No one really wants to die, but even at 78, he had believed there was still a lot to explore. He wanted to travel with his wife, watch his grandchildren grow up, and still enjoy some of the things he loved, like golfing. 

But, following the heart attack, he simply thought those things were no longer going to happen. He had difficulty just getting out of bed when he was finally discharged and sent home from the hospital. He felt weak, unsteady on his feet, and it was getting frustrating. 

His wife did her best to support him. 

She wasn’t about to abandon him, but in her mid-70s herself, taking care of her husband was difficult. She didn’t know how much she could handle. 

That’s when their youngest son mentioned senior care support services. They hadn’t really thought about it. They always assumed they would support one another, and that was all they considered. 

But their son had some experience with it, as he provided some level of senior care to elderly men and women for a number of years out of college. 

They hired somebody to help. 

Together, Ronald and his wife interviewed a few agencies and chose one they felt had the level of experience and dedication that would benefit him. This senior care provider wondered why Ronald hadn’t been working with a physical therapist. 

He didn’t think it was necessary. But, with the support of the senior care provider offering transportation to and from physical therapy, he started going. Before long, he was able to return to most of the activities, including golfing, that he loved. 

And, he and his wife picked up on the travel they had stopped after his heart attack. It was like a completely new lease on life and they were both grateful for senior care. 

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Donnie Shelton