Tips for Handling Incontinence When It’s Your Mom

Your mom’s incontinence is worsening as her dementia progresses. You realize she can’t help it, but you’re changing her sheets at least twice a night and doing laundry daily. It’s overwhelming. She won’t keep a protective bed-wetting pad in place and she can’t put on incontinence briefs by herself.

Worse, she doesn’t want your help. How do you help your mom with incontinence when she fights your every move?

Layer Her Sheets With Mattress Covers

Personal Care at Home Raleigh, NC: Handling Incontinence

Personal Care at Home Raleigh, NC: Handling Incontinence

When you make your mom’s bed, layer her sheets. Put a waterproof mattress cover on, cover it with a sheet, cover that with another mattress cover, and add another sheet. If she has an accident, strip off the wet sheet and pad and help her get cleaned up.

This won’t stop her from having accidents, but it makes it easier to get her cleaned up and back to bed. You should consider hiring a personal care at home aide to help her with toileting. If she makes more frequent trips to the toilet, it can help avoid some accidents.

Reassure Her It Happens to Everyone

If your mom doesn’t feel like it’s just her, she may not be as frustrated with herself. You could even make it lighthearted. Many women do lose some strength in their pelvic muscles after having kids. You could share your own stories of sneezing or having a coughing fit and leaking and that while it is embarrassing, it can be part of being a mom.

Choose Incontinence Pads or Underwear That Looks Fashionable

Your mom hates big bulky incontinence items, so try different brands. Look for brands that have very thin, fashionable-looking options in bold colors and patterns. When you find a brand your mom likes, make sure you have a good supply of them available in each bathroom in her home.

Limit Beverages In the Hours Before Bedtime

An hour or two before your mom goes to bed, stop letting her drink a lot. If she’s begging for a full glass of water, give her a smaller cup. Avoid beverages like coffee or tea that may keep her up. Before she goes to bed, make sure she uses the toilet.

Talk to Her Doctor

Make sure your mom’s incontinence isn’t tied to a UTI. If she has a UTI, which happens with dementia, she’ll have a harder time with bladder control.

A UTI can spread to the kidneys and do incredible damage. Make sure you catch them early and get her to the doctor for treatment. If she’s having frequent UTIs, personal care at home services assist with toileting and cleaning up to prevent them.

Arrange personal care at home by talking to an advisor. You’ll go over prices and what personal care at home aides can do to help your mom.

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Donnie Shelton