What Seniors Should Know About Using Ride Sharing

One of the toughest parts of aging in place for seniors is how to get around when they can’t drive any longer. No matter what the reason is why they can’t drive the fact is that being unable to drive limits a senior’s ability to shop, run errands, and socialize. But ride sharing services are available that can get seniors wherever they want to go with a minimum of stress and hassle. 

If your senior loved one doesn’t drive here are some things that they, and you, should know about ride sharing services:

There Are Senior-Focused Ride Sharing Services

Home Care Chapel Hill, NC: Ride Sharing

Home Care Chapel Hill, NC: Ride Sharing

One of the most often given reasons why seniors stay away from ride share services is that they feel scared or pressured when they are using a ride share because they need extra time to get in and out of the car or don’t really understand how ride sharing services work. 

But there are ride sharing services that cater just to seniors and make the experience a lot less intimidating. Seniors who use senior-friendly ride shares will have all the time they need to get in or out of the vehicle and will get drivers who are comfortable driving to medical appointments, the store, or anywhere else your senior parent wants to go. 

Family Can Order Rides For Seniors

If your senior parent is uncomfortable using a smart phone or a tablet to call an app you or other family members can order rides for them. If your senior parent has home care the home care provider can also order a ride to make sure that your senior parent gets to medical appointments, social engagements, or to the store whenever they want to go. 

Always Let The Driver Know The Rider Is a Senior 

Some drivers have cars that aren’t a great fit for seniors, especially for seniors that have walkers, canes, or other medical equipment that they use. There are also drivers that have vehicles which can be very difficult for seniors to get in and out of. Letting the driver know in advance that a senior will be the passenger gives the drivers the chance to accept or reject the ride if they can’t comfortably accommodate a senior adult. 

Seniors Can Bring Companions With Them 

Seniors don’t have to take their rides alone. A home care provider or family member can go with your senior parent to make sure that they are safe and comfortable using the ride share. In general, seniors are much more comfortable using a ride share if they have a home care provider that they trust or a family member with them. It’s fine for someone to tag along with their senior adult, but it’s also a good idea to let the driver know that there will be two passengers. 

They Don’t Take Cash

All rides are paid for through a credit card on the app so your senior loved one doesn’t have to carry or use cash. When you set up the profile for your senior loved one in the app you can hook a credit card to their account and the ride share will just charge the card after a successful trip.

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Donnie Shelton